SCCM 2012 on Server 2016

After successfully installing SCCM 2012 on a Server 2016 in my home lab I had some problems with the Application Catalog.

The problem I was facing was that I couldn’t install the Application Catalog.

When digging in the CM Trace Log Tool, I’ve discovered that a MSI package couldn’t install on the server, I tried to install it by double click the MSI file and discovered that the MSI couldn’t handle IIS Version 10, it gave me the error:

“Application Web Service requires IIS 7 or higher”

After some search on the web I found a tool named Orca MSI editor to edit the MSI files.



Install Orca and make a copy of the MSI files below:

  • Awebsvc.msi
  • Portalweb.msi

These files are located in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\bin\X64


Open each copy of the file in Orca and edit the following line:


To:      (NOT REMOVE) AND (IISVERSION < “#10”)

Save the MSI files and replace the files on the server.

After replacing the MSI files you can safely install the following roles on the SCCM server:

  • Application Catalog web service point
  • Application Catalog website point

To verify that SCCM installed the roles in IIS, open the IIS Manager and expand the “Default Web Site”

You’ll see that there will be a “CMApplicationCatalog” and a “CMApplicationCatalogSvc”.

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