Windows 10 Creators Update causes CHKDSK every startup

Since installing the Windows 10 Creators Update my computer has been asking to do a CHKDSK at every boot up. Although even letting it complete the countdown it never actually starts doing the check.
Instead it starts another countdown which results the same, it cancels ar
ound 3/5 seconds and continues to boot to Windows 10.

Of course this isn’t a massive problem as the machine seems to run perfectly fine.
After searching online I found a couple suggested solutions.
First the advice is to do a CHKDSK /R from elevated prompt. After trying this the message still came up every boot.

Next suggestion was to adjust the registry to prevent this message from coming up.
The adjustment had to be made in the following:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\
Change the key “AutoChkSkipSystemPartition” to 1

This supposed to tell the computer there is no chkdsk needed.

But unfortunately this also didn’t work.

Then I noticed that for some reason it starts the countdown but not the actual chkdsk.
That made me think about doing the chkdsk without starting actual windows.

Before you continue make sure you have your bit locker recovery key within reach.

So reboot the machine and press F11 at start to go into recovery mode.
Once there go to “troubleshoot” and next to “command prompt”


Once command prompt is opened we need unlock the c-drive as it is protected by bit locker. To do this we use the following command.

manage-bde –unlock C: –RecoveryPassword “Your bit locker recovery key”

When this is done the drive should be accessible. So time to do the chkdsk.
Give the following command:

Chkdsk c: /r

Depending on your drive and the number of errors this might take some time.
Once this is finished the machine can be rebooted and the chkdsk messages should be gone.

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