Windows 10: after sleep or hibernation no Wifi connection possible and AP list is empty

I have a Dell Precision laptop with a Killer Wifi network module installed in it. But since I have received the laptop I have issues after starting up the laptop out of Hibernation or Sleeping state. I suspect it has something to do with the combination driver of the Wifi device, Windows 10 and even BitLocker. One of the most annoying issues when starting up the laptop is the fact that the laptop will not reconnect to the known Wifi Access Points, the list of Wifi networks is empty.

No network connection whatsoever, Network Troubleshooting doesn’t find any issues and the only remedy is restarting the laptop…

So I was investigating which service could cause this issue (I assume that a process hangs somewhere). After an investigation, it seems that restarting the WLAN AutoConfig service is not possible, the process attached to this service hangs.

Ok so let’s get to work: go to Services and find the WLAN AutoConfig service. In the below screenshot you can find the Path to executable property:

If you open the Task Manager, you can search the WLAN AutoConfig and if you press Go to details you can end the task easily. Make sure you go back to the Services and start the WLAN AutoConfig service!


If you want to speed up things a bit more, you can run the following PowerShell script (Run as Administrator):

$ProcessOfWLANAutoConfig = Get-CimInstance Win32_Process | Where-Object {$_.CommandLine -eq "c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted -p"}
Stop-Process -Id $ProcessOfWLANAutoConfig.ProcessId -Force
Start-Service -DisplayName 'WLAN AutoConfig'

Together with our sister company BlueParq, we are developing a visual PowerShell builder (like Lego 🙂 ), a kick-ass editor and the square where you can share your BluePrints.  So how does above script looks like in the BlueParq console?



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