The Case of the missing CC field in Microsoft Outlook (2013)

Last week I had to troubleshoot an incident at a customer regarding a missing CC field in emails recovered from a Barracuda Message Archiver.

The case was as follows.
When an email recovered from Barracuda was opened, the CC field was not visible.

And with the Barracuda policy “Use system default email renderer” set to disabled, the problem did not occur.
My first thought; there is something wrong with the retrieved message so a support request was filed with Barracuda.
But they said the error was not related to the software, so the troubleshooting started.
The problem still occurred without the RES One Workspace shell, so it wasn’t that.

The retrieved message is saved as .eml file in the %temp%\*\BmaSearch folder and when you open the file with notepad, the CC field actually is there!

So indeed the problem is with Microsoft Outlook.

The weird thing is, when you open Microsoft Outlook and do not setup an Email Account, the EML is indeed displayed correctly!

Searching through the Microsoft Knowledge Base and online left me empty handed.

So next step was patching a server with all the latest Office Patches and the result was?


So that made me curious which patch or update was the one responsible for the fix.
After a few partial update rounds I found the one responsible for the fix; KB4011637
In the article however, no mention of our problem;
This security update contains improvements and fixes for the following nonsecurity issues:

  • Third-party MAPI providers may be blocked despite being in the Outlook profile.
  • When you send an email message from to a recipient outside of Office 365, the recipient always gets a winmail.dat attachment in the message.


If you have an issue with a missing CC field in Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Barracuda Message Archiver, make sure you have installed KB4011637

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