Citrix WEM (Workspace Environment Manager) won’t connect network drive

Lately, we had an issue with Citrix WEM (Workspace Environment Manager) which won’t connect a network drive anymore for several users.

After activating debug information on the Agent:

WEM Agent debug logging

We found an access denied in the WEM user profile debug log:

15:37:06 Event -> VuemNetworkDriveExecutor.CheckFileServerConnection() : Network Drive -> GroupData (Id:1) -> Starting Network Drive Connection Test…
15:37:06 Event -> VuemNetworkDriveExecutor.SetNetworkDriveName() : Network Drive -> GroupData (Id:1) -> Setting Network Drive Name…
15:37:06 Event -> VuemNetworkDriveExecutor.ProcessNetworkDriveConnection() : Network Drive -> GroupData (Id:1) -> Starting Network Drive Connection…
15:37:06 Exception -> VuemNetworkDriveExecutor.ProcessNetworkDriveConnection() : Toegang geweigerd —– which means Access denied
15:37:06 Exception -> VuemNetworkDriveExecutor.ExecuteMapNetworkDrive() : Network Drive -> GroupData (Id:1) -> Network Drive Connection Failed -> Exiting
15:37:06 Exception -> VuemNetworkDriveController.ProcessSingleEntityTask() : Error while processing Network Drive: GroupData for Item: DOMAIN\XD-Desktop (SID)

We have checked several items, from share rights to NTFS rights until we decided to add the XD-Desktop group to the root of the share where we create the network share. So in case, you want to make a network drive for location \\SERVER\%TenantName%$\GroupData make sure you add the group (which you assigned the network drive to) Read access in the root of the folder (in the example GroupData), for that folder only.

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