Citrix Workspace Environment Manager Agent – Invalid Broker Connection Settings!

In our hosted Citrix environment we had an issue with the Citrix WEM Agent, which doesn’t want to connect to the WEM Broker service anymore. The Synchronization State for WEM Agents shows a Question Mark (?) on the WEM Administration Console After Rebooting the Agents.

Citrix WEM Management Console Synchronization State

After some Googling I found the following script which had to run after a restart in the Scheduled Tasks as System:

net stop “Norskale Agent Host Service” /y
net start “Norskale Agent Host Service”
net start “Netlogon”
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Norskale\Norskale Agent Host\AgentCacheUtility.exe” -refreshcache

Unfortunately, the issue still didn’t fix and we got several errors in the Event Viewer (Applications and Services Log \ Norskale Agent Services):

  • No Last Known Configuration Set detected -> Offline mode will not work
  • Invalid Broker Connection Settings!
  • Agent Host detected as offline -> Exiting Local Cache Synchronization

So we checked a couple of things:

  • Is the BrokerSvc FQDN Name OK?
  • Can we connect to IP address?
  • Is the broker reachable?
  • Firewall?
  • Reinstall?

So then I reminded my article yesterday in combination with: Agent Host detected as offline.

After starting the Network List Service and dependent services the connection with the broker instantly recovered!


Daniel Nikolic

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