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Hotkeys in Citrix XenApp session

There is already a lot of information about how to control your hotkeys in a XenApp session. At a customer, this still led to some confusion about when and where the config should be done. This was kind of tricky because they saw that external users experienced different behavior than internal users. So the first […]

Citrix Service Provider (CSP) Portal and Citrix Licensing

One of our partners is using the CSP program from Citrix for their customers. Now, every month a CSP usage report must be made manually for all the customers and reported to Citrix. With the Citrix Cloud Licensing Portal, that step is simplified. There are however a few guidelines for the Citrix Licensing servers that […]

View ADM(X) templates in RES ONE Workspace Console

If you want to add an admx template in RES ONE Workspace and you want to be sure you are adding a newer version it can be handy to view the properties of the admx files that are already added to the repository. There is a hidden feature in the console that allows you to […]

Logoff Workspace Manager Sessions

If you want to use the mechanism provided by RES to gracefully logoff user sessions, you have to set some registry keys. This mechanisme was configured at a costumer, but lead to unexpected logoff behaviour. After 15 min the screensaver kicks in and 1 minute later it just triggers a logoff.

Thinapp: Child process keeps SandBox locked

One of the best practices when packaging with ThinApp includes verifying no processes are left running that lock the Sandbox when you shuts down the application. You can simply verify this by trying to delete the package’s Sandbox. If it is locked and you cannot delete it, some process is still running. To determine wich […]