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LoadGen 5.0 will bring you a new product! ‘LoadGen Functional | Automated Testing’ of the user interface

Besides my daily job as CTO of PepperByte, I’m also working as CTO for our sister companies LoadGen and BlueParq (a really cool PowerShell tool where you can create PowerShell scripts visually). With LoadGen we are developing several software products which can measure the real user experience on Citrix, Microsoft Remote Desktop, VMware Horizon and […]

C# Console application – remember users previous input (use up and down arrow keys)

Who’s using console applications these days? Well I’m, console applications are very convenient for testing or performing repetitive actions quickly. One downside of the Console within the .Net Framework is the lack of remembering the (previous) user input. Just like cmd or PowerShell I want to use the arrow keys for scrolling through your previous inputted […]

Introducing SFGuru Explorer 1.2!

Since the initial community release of SFGuru Explorer for Citrix ShareFile on 25-10-2014 we (Daniel Nikolic / Rink Spies) have been busy developing the application. Every time when we detect repeating, or labor intensive tasks within our ShareFile support team we try to improve the job by integrating an optimized task in SFGuru Explorer. Currently we […]

Demystifying the ShareFile StorageZone Controller Passphrase

While setting up the first ShareFile StorageZone Controller you need to enter a Passphrase. The Passphrase will be used to protect your file encryption key (SCKeys.txt) which is located in the CIFS root folder. Without the Passphrase you won’t be able to add additional StorageZone Controllers, reinstall or recover the current StorageZone or create configuration […]