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After disconnecting VPN – no network connection and PING returns: No resources

I’m hibernating my Windows laptop all the time, but after a while, I get a strange error when I disconnect my VPN. After disconnecting the VPN there is no way to communicate with a resource on the network or Internet whatsoever. Disconnecting, disabling or resetting the WiFi adapter will not work. Also restarting several network […]

The curious case of the not connecting WiFi adapter to a public hotspot in Windows 10

So I had this issue previously, with another Dell laptop and a Killer WiFi adapter, and I didn’t take the effort to create this blog (sometimes I write a blog, just to remember a specific issue in a couple years from now) a while ago. Unfortunately, I completely forget the solution (it kicked in after an hour […]

iPhone and iPad problems after restoring a backup: Storage setting crashes, no Spotify and no Backup possible

I had a very strange issue with a new iPhone, after restoring this new iPhone with the backup of the ‘old’ iPhone I had some very weird problems: Settings – General – iPhone Storage: resulted in a crash of the Settings A Backup could not be made anymore: Backup Up Now in Settings resulted in […]

Citrix WEM (Workspace Environment Manager) won’t connect network drive

Lately, we had an issue with Citrix WEM (Workspace Environment Manager) which won’t connect a network drive anymore for several users. After activating debug information on the Agent: Daniel NikolicIs interested in everything connected to technology. Has a passion for cloud, virtualization and software development. Always finds appropriate IT solutions for customers that match their […]

Citrix Workspace Environment Manager Agent – Invalid Broker Connection Settings!

In our hosted Citrix environment we had an issue with the Citrix WEM Agent, which doesn’t want to connect to the WEM Broker service anymore. The Synchronization State for WEM Agents shows a Question Mark (?) on the WEM Administration Console After Rebooting the Agents. Daniel NikolicIs interested in everything connected to technology. Has a […]

Office 2016 on Windows 7, 10 or Windows 2012 and 2016 – No Internet connection to sign-in users to Office 365

We had a strange issue on our hosted environment on Azure with Windows 7, 10, Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 2016 RDS / Citrix servers. Users could not sign in to Office Pro with their Office 365 user credentials, to a batch of newly installed servers. They received the message when they start any of […]

Create a web 301 redirect service with Microsoft Azure Functions

I ran into a nice issue, and I suppose more people could run into the same issue. Lets first start with laying out the issue: We are moving to a new web solution where only one domain (pepperbyte.com) is supported unless you move all of the domains to the new web provider (which costs us […]

Good old DSA.MSC on Windows Server 2016

A couple years back, one of our colleagues made a post about ‘Good old DSA.msc on Server 2012‘. With more and more implementations of Windows Server 2016, we noticed that we still want our “good old DSA”. For this reason, we have made a quick update on this post but now how to enable DSA.msc […]

LoadGen 5.0 will bring you a new product! ‘LoadGen Functional | Automated Testing’ of the user interface

Besides my daily job as CTO of PepperByte, I’m also working as CTO for our sister companies LoadGen and BlueParq (a really cool PowerShell tool where you can create PowerShell scripts visually). With LoadGen we are developing several software products which can measure the real user experience on Citrix, Microsoft Remote Desktop, VMware Horizon and […]