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Bring Your Own Cloud

In the category “Sumble Upon”, I came across a nice piece of software which let you forget about Dropbox, SkyDrive, GDrive, etc. Because now you can build your storage-cloud on premises. Nowadays there is a proliferation of providers, if you want some storage in the cloud to store your photos, videos, documents, etc. And as […]

Shortcuts in Windows 8

Everybody knows some shortcuts in Windows, like CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy and paste. Some people also know shortcuts regarding the windows shell, like Windowskey+E to open the explorer and CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to open the taskmanager. Many of this shortcuts stay the same in every version of Windows and sometime new shortcuts are added. With the […]

Snapshots present and growing, but not visible in Snapshot Manager

When using  a backup solution for your virtual environment and the database-server for this backup solution is also situated in the virtual environment, you have to face some challanges. The backup solution cannot back up its own database, while using it. Luckily there are work-a-rounds covering this particular problem. But what happens if you misconfigured this work-a-round? In […]

Software update VMware workstation 8 fails

When VMware Workstation 8 is installed on a MS Windows 7 x64 machine, and you’ll update de software to the latest version, the installation can fail with error 25028 in vmwarevmcisocket64.msi. The installation first uninstalls the old version, then reboots the machine and after you’re loggedin, the installation of the new version continues. When anwsered […]

Deployment ESXi with duplicated MAC-addresses

After deploying new ESXi 4.1 hosts trough Altiris and adding them to the Virtual Center Server, I saw that some of the hosts repeatedly were being disconnected and connected again. Also the new hosts were not reachable from the network. At first we thought of network problems although other servers in the datacenter did not […]

Microsoft OCS on Linux

As one of the few, i use a Linux environment on my  laptop for production. Now that we use Microsoft Office Communication Server, I needed to find a way of connecting to Microsoft OSC from my laptop. Luckily more people had this same challenge and so a project was started on sourceforge.net for the development […]

Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit and Guest Customization

When creating a virtual machine from a template in VMware Vsphere, most of you will make use of the “Guest Customization Wizard” to create a new SID for Windows Virtual Machines and other sort of things in which you want your new virtual machine to differ from the template. Normally this is no problem, but […]

Vmware's snapshots en hangende machines

Één keer in de zoveel tijd is het zover, dan komt Murphy even langs. De ene keer blijft hij langer hangen als de andere keer, maar het is altijd weer gezellig. Zo ook afgelopen week. Ik was bezig met het beheer van VMware en moest een snapshot maken van de datawarehouse-machine, omdat hierop Hotfixes van […]

MS SQL 2005 Management studio onder MS Windows 2008

Bij het opzetten van een nieuwe MS SQL 2005 server liep ik tegen het probleem aan dat alleen de administrator kon aanloggen in de SQL Management studio. In eerste instantie lijkt dit te komen door de nieuwe beveiligings-policy die in MS SQL 2005 is ingevoerd, maar dit is niet degene die het probleem veroorzaakt.