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Connect HP OneView with Directory services

— original post on my personal blog https://hendric.us — This blog describes a step-by-step guide on how to use secure LDAP to connect the HP OneView appliance with Directory Services (Active Directory). step 1. get the server certificate from the domain controller(s) step 2. creating the right ldap query within HP OneView step 3. adding domain groups to […]

Server 2016 – Using Edge with the built-in Administrator

When you’re logged in with local Administrator on a Windows Server 2016 box, you can’t start the Edge browser. Default security will prevent you from using the Edge browser and suggests you to login with a different user. To workaround this, you can follow these instructions:  (windows+r) run gpedit.msc go to: Computer configuration -> Windows […]

PowerShell: HP OneView Appliance backup script

When you’re using HP OneView to manage your HP hardware (virtual connect etc.) you can manually create a backup by using the web interface. Because its a manual proces, it would be an to intensive process to do that on daily or weekly base. That’s why i created this HP OneView Appliance backup script that […]

Book review: Learning Ansible

Learning Ansible If you’re not (yet) familiar with Ansible or you just started your Ansible journey, this book is a great startup. Ansible is all about automation and provisioning of servers. You create and define a desired state (from a configuration perspective) and Ansible will provision the server exactly like you want to.

Lync 2013 Full client installation using a MSP

This blog is about the installation of the Lync 2013 Full client (part of the Office 2013 installation). – Introduction – Using OCT – OCT/MSP bugs and fixes (Lync only installation problem) Introduction: When you want to install the full version of Lync 2013 client instead of the Lync basic client version, you have to use the Office […]

Book review: Puppet Essentials

Puppet Essentials by Felix Frank This book is a very good read for people with absolutely no Puppet experience. You will learn all the basics of Puppet and at the end of the book you can even write your own (basic+) puppet modules. Puppet Essentials starts with an introduction about the basic elements of Puppet. This introduction will give you […]

vCenter Server 5.1 with SSO 5.5

This blog describes how to install vCenter Server 5.1 with SSO (Single-Sign-On) 5.5 In my case, it’s not possible to upgrade to vCenter Server 5.5 because of the fact that the vendor doesn’t support a higher version (yet). SSO 5.1 (and i will say it very nice) is not the best product VMware has ever made. It […]

Lync 2013 with Lync VDI plugin

I’ve read a lot about using Lync 2013 with Lync VDI plugin for offloading video and audio, but how to configure it and how it really works is a little bit hazy in my opinion. This blog describes how the Lync VDI plugin works and how to configure it on a domain joined computer and […]

WDS: 2012R2 capture boot image (0xc000000f)

This blog is about the usage of a Windows Server 2012R2 boot.wim file to create a 2012R2 capture boot image. When you use Windows Deployment Services and use the boot.wim from the installation DVD, you’ll get the stop error 0xc000000f Indicating that \Windows\System32\boot\winload.exe could not be loaded. Microsoft doesn’t have a fix or solution released for it […]

E2EVC 2014 Barcelona – final day

The last couple days i shared what happened at the E2E virtualization conference in Barcelona. This blog is about final day of the E2EVC. We started the morning with a session with our E2EVC grandfather Carl Webster (@carlwebster) and Iain Brighton (@iainbrighton) about the great scripts Carl wrote to easily document your environment. How they are working on improving the scripts […]