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Citrix NetScaler 10.1: Where did the Configuration Wizard go?

A vanilla Citrix NetScaler shows the configuration wizard right after a users authenticates using the GUI. The configuration wizard enables basic configuration like the NetScaler IP (NSIP), Subnet IP (SNIP), hostname, DNS, Time Zone and Administrator Password. Sometimes it’s useful to open the configuration wizard after it is closed (for instance if you want to […]

Bring Your Own Mac

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is no longer a hype, we see more and more people bringing their (own) Mac to the office. The simplicity of Apple devices combined with the power (and of course the esthetics)  makes them a wanted device. More and more people consider an Apple MacBook to be a […]

MDT: Select operating system based on computer name

By default a single operating system is linked to a task sequences in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT). This means that if you have different operating systems you need to built (and maintain) a task sequence for each operating system. A customer has different client types and wants to use a single task sequence to deploy […]

MDT: Set default domain in LiteTouch

When a machine boots Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) LiteTouch via Windows PE it requires credentials to connect to the deployment share. By default the user name, password an domain are required fields. In most environment the domain is equal for most users, making it user friendly to configure a default domain. Ingmar VerheijWas once an […]

MDT: Secure the Deployment Share

With a default installation of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) the Deployment Share is not secure. All users are allowed to read / write which makes it vulnerable to unauthorized access and possibly exposes access to (installation) passwords. The default permissions on a folder are: Administrators – Full Control CREATOR OWNER – Full Control SYSTEM – […]

MDT: Filter task sequences on Active Directory group membership

By default task sequences in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) are available for all users, there is no access control list (ACL). This means that you can’t filter certain task sequences for a group of users, while you might not want all users to execute all task sequences. For instance I don’t want all users to […]

MDT: Force users to supply an OSD computer name (MININT)

Machine that are deployed via Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) are provided with  a computer name that’s provided during installation. By default this is a generated computer name similar to “MININT-79S84T2”. Since the GUI of MDT is quite slow – and won’t show an hourglass –  I noticed people tend to click [Next] twice on the […]

RES Workspace Manager Relay Server explained and demystified

With the release of RES Workspace Manager 2012 a new component was introduced: the Relay Server. In this article I’ll explain what the Relay Server is, how it can help you in your Workspace Manager (WM) environment and reveal some of its mysteries. 1. Introduction 2. Use case(s) 3. Requirements 4. Security 5. Installation 6. […]

Citrix: NetScaler applet hangs at 99% “Logging in”

When a Citrix NetScaler is configured using a graphical interface a browser is used to connect to the Citrix NetScaler. Starting NetScaler release 10 a part of the configuration is migrated from Java Applets to HTML5, but most configuration are still depending on Java Applets. When you open a more advanced configuration the Java Applet […]

Citrix: NetScaler hangs at Downloading Applet….

With the release of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 7 update 45  new security measurements are introduced. Oracle describes the impact of the updated security baseline in this blog. While security is an important topic (especially when web applications are involved) breaking applications due to raised security could result in the opposite. In case you’re running […]