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Who needs cookies (Internet privacy)

Yesterday I was in discussion with a friend about internet and privacy. He has a background in software development and told me about browser fingerprints as a very good alternative to cookies. What is browser fingerprint? Browser fingerprint is a type of tracking that may identify you far more accurately than any type of cookie […]

On premises DropBox

Introduction In our private lives we are already accustomed to using cloud based file sharing. Who of us isn’t using or has tried Dropbox? Dropbox was my first cloud based file sharing solution. In the time between now and then there are many new players in town like BOX,PogoPlug and many more. Where Box stores […]

The sky is not the limit if you cannot fly!

Often I  hear management make promises that can not be met! Management thinks that he or she can make decisions about the service that is bean delivered without consulting the SLA or the architectural principles! Is it possible in an existing environment to set a new (higher) target without changing  the environment? If not or […]

Auto draw Visio drawing by importing Excel data

I was ask to make a overview to see which servers are responsible for which application. This overview is for management and must be in a drawing format and they want to have this available when they want to. This is task that can cost a lot of time just for a quick overview. So […]

TCP Error 10061 when Login into ChangeAuditor

When installing ChangeAuditor form Quest (a next, next finish installation) I received an error when I tried to logon with the client but I did not get any error during or after the installation.  I got the following error: Info","Could not connect to net.tcp://<FQDN>.local:49309/Service. The connection attempt lasted for a time span of 00:00:02.0779654. TCP […]

Quest ActiveRoles client Failed to connect

During a installation of a POC environment I run in to a problem when we wanted to connect to the ActiveRoles server (Windows 2008 R2)  from a client (Windows 7). We tried to connect with the MMC console of ActiveRoles, which was locally installed, and to the Web console but ending up with error’s.This is […]

Access denied Quest ActiveRoles and Event 10016

After the installation of the Quest ActiveRoles MMC component I experienced a error: Connecting to Administration Service on ‘’ as ‘GALLIE\QAR’… Failed to connect to Administration Service on ‘’. Access is denied. When I looked in to the system log I also found this error with event ID 10016 and source DistributedCOM: