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Error 1603 when installing Microsoft App-V 5.0 SP1 client

I wanted to do an unattended install of the Microsoft App-V 5.0 SP1 client. I wanted to install using the MSI’s instead of using the exe installer so I unpacked the MSI’s from the installer as documented here. The install failed however with MSI error 1603. I activated logging but that was not very helpful […]

Run a Process when Citrix Receiver Exits

A while ago I was doing some research for Magic Filter when I stumbled upon something interesting within Receiver. Inside wfica32.exe is a function called _Eng_RunExecutableOnExit. That name caught my interest, I’ve made it a little more readable with Ida Pro: Remko WeijnenWas once an enthusiastic PepperByte employee but is now working elsewhere. His blogs […]

The publisher could not be verified when launching an application with RES Workspace Manger

Today I was troubleshooting a warning message that popped up when launching a network application with RES Workspace Manager: Usually this is a simple fix: add the servername (file://server) to the Local Intranet zone: That worked when I launched the application directly. However when launching the application with RES Workspace Manager I would still get […]

RD Gateway connection fails on Windows 7

I needed to connect remotely via Remote Desktop to a Windows Server 2012 machine. I received an rdp file that was configured to use an RD Gateway server: However when trying to connect from my Windows 7 laptop (x64) machine, I got the following error message:   Remko WeijnenWas once an enthusiastic PepperByte employee but […]

HDMI Output in Black & White

I connected my Dell laptop to my TV via HDMI and the picture on the TV was in Gray scale instead of Color. I had connected my laptop before and it worked fine so I knew that my TV and the HDMI cable were working correctly. I had recently updated the drivers for my NVIDIA […]

Redirect Registry by Modifying .NET Executable

Yesterday I was troubleshooting an application that was migrated to Citrix XenApp. The application is able to use a high precision scale which is attached to the client pc’s com port. This com port is redirected to XenApp. While testing users reported several issues, let’s have a look at them. Error configuring COM Port Within […]

Application Compatibility Fixing to the Extreme?

Today’s blog is about an application that was migrated to Citrix XenApp. During testing the users reported that several application menu’s were missing. An example is the settings menu where the System tab is missing: Fat Client: XenApp: I suspected a permissions issue so I added the account to the Local Administrator group to verify […]

Programmatically Set Excel LinkedCell Property with VBA

Yesterday I was working with an Excel document that contained Combobox form controls. I wanted to count the number of cells containing a particular value using the COUNTIF formula. However the count returned 0 because the LinkedCell property of the Combobox was not set to the Cell that contained the Combobox. To set the LinkedCell […]

Decrypting Dell vWorkspace .pit files

The Dell vWorkspace (previously Quest vWorkspace) Client can save a connection to a .pit file which is very similar to an .rdp file with one big difference: it is encrypted! I am not sure why Dell/Quest have chosen to encrypt their files but a while ago I needed to know what was in a particular […]

Scriptable Citrix Password Encoder

A while ago I published a tool to Encode and Decode Citrix passwords. Today I am publishing a small update to this tool that makes it scriptable by adding a COM interface. If you start the tool without parameters you will get the GUI, just like before: To use the COM interface you first need […]