E-mail stuck in Outbox (Outlook 2010)

Recently I had to deal with a Microsoft Outlook 2010 Outbox problem. The e-mail I send as another person was stuck in the outbox and I could wait forever before the email was send. The company had Microsoft Exchange 2010 running.

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Adobe Issues: Checkout sharepoint message and problems with saving pdf files from outlook

In our environment we had several security issues after an upgrade from Adobe reader from 10 to 11.

One of these was that users were given a check-out message when they open a PDF file from our SharePoint environment . The following screen appeared. Where if you don’t watch out and click to fast you will check out the file instead of opening it.

Adobe checkout1


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Windows 8.1: Disable help tips (orange arrows)

It’s pretty annoying if you have a fresh Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 installation installed on your computer, and you get those orange help tip arrows on the side of your screen and you can’t get rid of them.
Microsoft has enabled the tablet help tips by default, and you simply can’t remove them using your mouse.

To help you with this, you can use one of the following solutions to disable these help tips.

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Citrix – Unable to open internet shortcuts and links from Outlook 2003.

When using: HDX Flash Redirector 1.1.6.


Issue: When Internet Explorer 8.0 is used and you open an internet shortcut (for example from your desktop or Outlook 2003) it doesn’t open in the browser. The cursor indicates the browser is busy but nothing happens.

When the browser is closed and restartedthe page opens in another Internet Explorer window.

If Internet Explorer isn’t active when the link is clicked the page is opened immediately.




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Shutdown Windows without installing updates

windows-2008-r2-logo Today I want to migrate a Windows 2008 R2 server from a VMware 4.x to a new VMware 5.x environment. I will perform a cold migration. As in any project I want to migrate this server with the smallest down time possible.

When I log on to the server and open the start menu I notice that there is an orange imageexclamation mark next to the shutdown button. This exclamation mark indicates that there are Windows Update ready to install.  Now because I want to minimize the downtime of this server I want to be able to skip the installation of the Windows Updates. These installations can be done in the proper Windows Update Maintenance Window.

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Microsoft App-V 5.0 SP1 Sequencer error while saving package

For a customer we’re creating a Windows 7 environment, using App-V 5.0 SP1 for application virtualization. We installed an English Windows with a Dutch MUI pack. All client types are installed unattended, including the App-V sequencer. We experienced a problem with the App-V sequencer which was caused by the MUI language pack.


After the installation of the new sequencer everything seemed to work fine. That is until I made the first package on the machine. The moment I clicked Save, an error popped up saying that the MSI couldn’t be generated. Read more

Microsoft App-V 5.0 – Streaming via HTTP

Microsoft App-V 5.0With Microsoft App-V 5.0 virtual application packages (or sequences) can be streamed to the client with two delivery methods: SMB or HTTP. With SMB being the easiest one (all you need is a file share), the HTTP delivery mechanism is IMO more scalable.

The ability to stream via HTTP is natively built-in in the App-V client, no configuration is required. All that is needed to publish the application via HTTP is to specify the URL instead of the UNC location at the Management Server. Unfortunately Microsoft doesn’t provide us with a description on how to built a Microsoft IIS Web Server to enable it to stream App-V packages.

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Outlook 2010 Calendar reminders not working anymore in a Citrix environment.

Recently we encountered the problem that one of our customers weren’t getting any calendar reminder pop-ups. As there were only a few people that had this problem we had to figure out what was causing this.

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Restoring deleted items Outlook 2003

Currently I’m administrating an environment with office 2003. In this environment Microsoft Outlook 2003 is used as email client. Some of the users are complaining that they can’t restore there own deleted items once they emptied there recycle bin or “hard deleted” (SHIFT-DELETE) these items. When they try to restore trough Outlook the option Recover Deleted Items’ is greyed out. This screenshots are in Dutch, but you get the picture.

GHZ-Desktop - Citrix XenApp Plugins for Hosted Apps [SpeedScreen On]_2012-07-17_17-02-33


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Why is it so hard to find unread messages in Outlook 2010?

In many past versions of Microsoft Outlook there was a simple list of message views available and one of the choices was ‘Unread Messages’. It’s a popular option because many people use the Read/Unread status to mark messages that need action (eg reply, forwarding etc).

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