Starting PowerShell as default within Windows Core

LD0001467786_1 My lab environment runs on Windows 2012 R2 Core, with Hyper-V installed. It runs smoothly. When I need to manage the environment I can do the most common task right there on the prompt.

But with Microsoft pushing everyone to use PowerShell I don’t understand why Windows Core start with a normal prompt instead of a PowerShell prompt.

In this article I will describe how you can change the prompt that is launched when Windows Core boots from CMD to PowerShell.

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My Expierence at BriForum 2014 London


Last week I had the pleasure to attend BriForum 2014 in London. BriForum is an IT conference with a focus on Server Based Computing and Virtualization in the broadest way. BriForum 2014 London is the 15th BriForum edition in 10 years. It is my second BriForum. I’ve first attended BriForum in 2008 in Chicago IL.

Tuesday may 20th is the first day of BriForum in London. The location is nice, with enough room to host this event, and nearby the London Underground. Here is an overview of the presentation I found the most interesting, and remember this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Opening keynote by Brian Madden.
Brian talks about the state of the industry, and of course about the fact that this the 15th BriForum event in 10 years time.


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Managing Hyper-V 2012 R2 core server remotely in a Workgroup environment.

Win2012R2_Logo Recently I was recreating my lab environment. At first I used Citrix XenServer on my lab server, a HP DL380, but now I want move to Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V. I want to make the best use of the available hardware resources, and I like working on the command line and PowerShell, so I’ve installed Windows 2012 R2 Core. After the installation is finished you are presented with nothing but a small black command line box. image

  To help you with the basic configuration of your Windows 2012 R2 Core installation Microsoft provides a small toolkit to get you up on your feet and running. This tool is called sconfig. This tool will let you perform some basic server configuration tasks.image Read more

RES IT Store integration with RES Suite 2014

image Today RES Software releases not only a new product that is called RES IT Store, but it also releases a whole Suite that will fully integrate with the RES IT Store.

In this Suite we find, besides the IT Store, RES Automation Manager 2014, RES Workspace Manager 2014 and the RES Unified Console.

In this article I will show you some of the new stuff, that is released today.

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Hosted Shared Desktop on XenDesktop 7.1

image_thumb3 Recently I did some research for an Hosted Shared Desktop environment based on Citrix XenDesktop 7.1.  The environment I did my research for consists of 40+ Remote Desktop Services servers, based on Windows 2012 R2. These servers are Citrix Provisioning Services target devices. Within Citrix XenDesktop we have published an Server OS Desktop, with the Machine Catalog, consisting of the aforementioned 40+ RDS servers. The end user will connect to this desktop after logging in to an Storefront portal.

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Creating a VHD vDisk from the endpoint device

image I’m deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7.1, with Citrix Provisioning Service Server, at a customer site.  The customer is using VMware 5.1 for a hypervisor. Today I am going to create the VHD file to be streamed into the VMware virtual machines and they will be delivered to the end users thru Citrix Storefront.

I’ve installed Windows 7 on a new virtual machine. After the basic Windows installation I’ve  installed the available Windows Updates.

2013-12-12 13_21_22-KB-PVS-P01 on kb-esx07

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Shutdown Windows without installing updates

windows-2008-r2-logo Today I want to migrate a Windows 2008 R2 server from a VMware 4.x to a new VMware 5.x environment. I will perform a cold migration. As in any project I want to migrate this server with the smallest down time possible.

When I log on to the server and open the start menu I notice that there is an orange imageexclamation mark next to the shutdown button. This exclamation mark indicates that there are Windows Update ready to install.  Now because I want to minimize the downtime of this server I want to be able to skip the installation of the Windows Updates. These installations can be done in the proper Windows Update Maintenance Window.

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Policy issues after Imprivata appliance upgrade


Recently I have performed an upgrade of an Imprivata environment at a customer site. At this customer (a hospital) Imprivata is used as a alternative for entering a username and password. This makes it for the user possible to roam there session by swiping an proximity card over a card reader  that is attached to every computer at the hospital.

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How to check if an Citrix PVS vhd is in private access mode from the endpoint.

image Last week  I was altering a Citrix XenApp image at a customer site. The Citrix Provisioning environment is setup to use the VHD files from the D drive from the two virtual Provisioning servers. The customer was ready to deploy this image, just a couple of days before the deployment an extra program needs to be updated.

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Checking if an AD object still exist

PowerShell LogoLast week I was talking to an friend, he is an system administrator with a large insurance company in the Netherlands. He told me that at his site there is a huge problem with cleaning up home- and profile folders. This problem was never really acknowledged because there was always enough storage. Recently they have been receiving messages from the storage management system that they are reaching the limits of there storage capacity.

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