PowerShell coding on a Mac

Screenshot 2014-06-10 13.30.13 Because my main workstation is a MacBook pro, I use a Windows 8.1 virtual machine for most of my PowerShell coding work or I connect via RDP to my management server. But sometimes I want to quickly edit a script to send it to a coworker or friend. It is possible to edit a PowerShell script in any text editor that is available. But for PowerShell coding it handy if your editor is PowerShell language aware.

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Bring Your Own Mac

Bring Your Own MacThe Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is no longer a hype, we see more and more people bringing their (own) Mac to the office. The simplicity of Apple devices combined with the power (and of course the esthetics)  makes them a wanted device. More and more people consider an Apple MacBook to be a serious option to replace their (corporate dictated) Dell / HP / IBM / Lenovo / etc laptop.

From a corporate IT perspective the BYOD trend is a pain in the ass. All of the sudden IT is confronted with unmanaged devices (if you bring your own, support your own) that need to access corporate resources. In real life there is no such thing as unmanaged devices. If your CFO has a problem with his shiny MacBook Pro you fix it.

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How to disable the DHCP server on an Apple Airport

Author: Ingmar Verheij

The Apple Airport (extreme) is “in my humble opinion” a very good access point for home and small office use. As with other Apple products it’s really a dummy-proof products that’s easy to setup and use. But for the more adventurous user the it might feel as if you’re force to do what Apple tells you to do (sounds familiar?).

For instance disabling the DHCP server is not an option if you’re sharing a public IP (better known as network address translation – NAT). If you want to run your own DHCP server (where you can configure stuff like DHCP options) you have two options.

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From Jailbreak to Jailbreak part 2

imageIn this post, which is a followup on my From JailBreak to Jailbreak post, I will describe the same procedure for A5 devices (iPhone 4S and iPad 2).

imageA lot of the stuff is really the same so I will not describe that again, this includes the actual update to iOs 5.01, xBackup, SHSH signatures and backup using iTunes.

Currently the Jailbreak for A5 devices with iOS 5 is only for iOS 5.01. Since Apple is expected to release iOS 5.1 very soon it’s highly recommended to update to iOS 5.01 NOW. Especially because it’s not yet possible to downgrade to iOS 5.01 using Tiny Umbrella.

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Update your A5 devices to iOS 5.01 NOW!!

imageA Jailbreak for iOS 5.01 on A5 devices (the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S) has been released today. If you didn’t yet update your devices to 5.01 now is the time because Apple is expected to release iOS 5.1 very soon.

The exploits that are used to make the jailbreak possible on iOS 5.01 have been fixed in iOS 5.1 and will not work.

Although you can save your SHSH blobs for 5.01 it’s not possible to restore to iOS 5.01 on the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 3G using Tiny Umbrella.

The current jailbreak (Absinthe) is Untethered and only available for Mac OS X for now.

If you want to unlock your iPhone 4S than you are advised to the 9A405-version of iOS 5.0.1 since this version is running on an older baseband for which an unlock possibility is expected.

From Jailbreak to Jailbreak

imageA few days ago I decided to update my iPhone which was still running iOS 4.3.1 to iOS 5.0.1. I delayed this update for a while because I had Jailbreaked my iPhone. Unfortunately an update is much more work when you have Jailbreaked because you also have to restore Cydia settings such as the repositories and Cydia installed Apps.

This blog post is not a guide on how to Jailbreak but more a collections of tips to go from a Jailbreak iOS 4.x to iOS 5.01.

If you notice any extra steps while doing your update please send them to me so I can add them to this post.

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best android app ever!! ;)

andriod loves appleI am a person that has two phones one for business and one for private. Why? I just want to keep private and working live separated. But this is not always possible. So I got two cell phones one IPhone 🙂 and one android. And I must say the android is fine but there is a difference. So i like the IPhone more than the android and i don’t want to walk around with two phones all the time so I forwarded the calls that are made to the android phone to the IPhone but I was still missing the SMS that where send! Yeah the old school thing before whatsapp  😉   so I was looking for a app that will forward my SMS including the sender data (name and phone number). There are several free apps that will do this for you but without the senders data and that’s not handy. So I found a paid app for android that works great! And yes it is a paid app! So what did the android community brought us more than the Iphone community? I don’t know! If you want a good app you must paid for it (There are always exceptions). The app is called SMS Forwarder Pro and can be found in the market place for €1,15 ! I think this is the best app ever for an android ;) 

So in the end I think all android phone users dream of apple because why else would this app exist ;) 

Andriods dreams of apple

Virtualized Mac OS X Freezes

Mac OS X Snow LeopardI am running a virtualized Mac OS X machine in my VMWare Workstation but I noticed that after a period of inactivity the virtual machine would sometimes freeze.

Because this only happens after inactivity I assumed it had something to do with Power Saving so I changed the Energy Saver settings and that fixed it!

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IPAD 2 Keyboard tips

Finally we got the IPAD 2 this week. We made a decision in December 2010 to go for an IPAD  but we decided to wait for the iPad 2. While patiently waiting for the official release date we saw that our IPAD 2 order went form pre order to back order on that day. That was a huge disappointment! But enough whining we got it now!. While playing with the IPAD 2 I discovered some things regarding the on display keyboard. I never noticed this on my iPhone, I think because I use it in a different way.
First the use of the onscreen keyboard when I was typing an Email I tapped the space bare  with 2 fingers and I got two spaces and this works up to 6 fingers. When I noticed this I went on and tried a lot of keys.
When typing and you hold a key, extra options may appear. Here are some of the options I found when holding keys:
When Holding the letter E
IPAD onscreen KeyBoard letter e