iPhone and iPad problems after restoring a backup: Storage setting crashes, no Spotify and no Backup possible

I had a very strange issue with a new iPhone, after restoring this new iPhone with the backup of the ‘old’ iPhone I had some very weird problems:

  • Settings – General – iPhone Storage: resulted in a crash of the Settings
  • A Backup could not be made anymore: Backup Up Now in Settings resulted in a crash of the Settings
  • Spotify wouldn’t start anymore
  • Also, the restore process didn’t complete, it seemed it was stuck at 98%

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Imprivata’s Blue Screen of Death?

A while back we had strange incident occurring on a couple hundred of Windows Embedded systems build into Computer on Wheels (COWS). In this case the machine would boot up and where it normally should show the Imprivata login screen it now didn’t show anything at all!

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