Back-up and recovery Exchange 2010 with Veeam Back-up and replication (enterprise) part 3/3

Veeam Backup and replication Icon This blog is part three of three on how you can make a back-up and more importantly how you can recover items from a mailbox. In part one I described which setting to set for a exchange 2010 back-up job. In part two I explain how to configure the virtual lab and application group that are necessary for restoring exchange items from a specific mailbox. So finally we have come to the most important part recovery of items from your exchange 2010 mailbox.
While performing a recovery for the first time you will see that the recovery process was made for  enterprise environment where task are divided. Recovery in Veeam Backup exists out of three steps. Step one asking for a recovery to take place. Step two control and approve of the recovery wish. And step three is the actual recovery . For the new back-up version I have heard that this process has been adjust but i did not find the time to play with the new product version. 

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