SCCM set a custom variable dependency using Powershell or Vbs

When you are a frequent user of SCCM, sooner or later you will want a custom variable on which u can set a dependency for jobs further on in the task sequence.

After searching online for a while and not finding a satisfying answer I decided to create a short how-to.

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Using objects as key in HashTable

Author : Ingmar Verheij

A HashTable can be used to store a collection of key/value pairs. The key object is used to uniquely identify the key/value pair which makes is easy to store data like a database.

The type of the key object which is added to the HashTable is variable. It can be an integer, a string, a GUID etc. Because of the nature of a GUID (a globally unique identifier) it is an ideal candidate for a key object.

If you want to use a combination of two (or more) GUIDS as a key object you can create a class object, but there is a caveat.

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