Collect information about an ESX environment

This week I am creating an inventory of a customers network environment. Within the network of the customer is an VMware ESXi environment. While I am looking for an efficient way to collect information out of VMware vCenter I stumble upon a .NET tool called RV Tools from VMware vExpert Rob de Veij.

This tool gives you the possibility to collect information from your ESX  environment.


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Back-up for virtual environments (TSMVE) is still underestimated by IBM!

When you are using IBM equipment there is a big chance that you will use IBM related software to manage the environment. In a large  environment you can use IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) for Virtual Environments to make back-ups of your virtual machines. IBM says that:

Tivoli® Storage Manager software provides a wide range of storage management capabilities from a single point of control, helping companies ride the information tidal wave.

Early this year they’ve added a new product to the Tivoli Storage Manager, IBM storage management software called IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments (TSMVE). This is their product for making back-ups and to recover virtual machines.

You would think that a big company like IBM jumped on the train of virtualisation when it was leaving the train station but in my opinion that’s not what they have done!

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ESXupdate error code 10

While scanning a ESXi 4.1.0 (build 348481) host from the host update manger tab to see if the host is still compliant. I got a error : The host returns esxupdate error code: 10. check the update log file and esxupdate.log files for more details


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Is it possible to install Mac OSX in VMWare vSphere 5?

A couple of days ago, the PepperCrew had his monthly meeting. There was a little discussion about the new vSphere 5 release from VMWare. In the release notes there is mentioned that it will support OSX installations. I’m not convinced that that would work. There is a big community in the world who wants to install OSX in a sandboxed environment or even native on not Apple hardware. (Hackintosh or OSx86 etc etc). So, lets try some different scenario’s.

Apple supports only virtualized OSX Server installations on Apple hardware. Normal OSX installations aren’t supported or possible.

First Test: Install OSX Snow Leopard (10.6) in VMWare Fusion (On an iMac)

This is not allowed. The installer stops with the following error:
Schermafbeelding 2011-08-26 om 17.22.49

Second Test: Install OSX Snow Leopard Server (10.6) in VMWare Fusion (On an iMac)

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Deployment ESXi with duplicated MAC-addresses

After deploying new ESXi 4.1 hosts trough Altiris and adding them to the Virtual
Center Server, I saw that some of the hosts repeatedly were being disconnected
and connected again. Also the new hosts were not reachable from the network.

At first we thought of network problems although other servers in the datacenter did not
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BIOS setting HP BL 460c g6 for VMware

For the project where i worked on lately i documented the BIOS settings i have made with the reason why. These are the BIOS settings i use for a HP BL 460c G6 blade where vSphere ESXi 4.1 will be installed on. The bold words in the left column are the options to  be adjust. the location is written above in the same column but may vary between BIOS version.

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Replacing a network card of a DC (Virtual Machine)

When you want to replace the old virtual network card for a VMXNET3 network card of a Domain controller (DC) and when the DC is also DNS server (AD integrated) and the only one in the domain you may encounter some problems.  Yesterday i replace the old network card for a VMXNET3 adapter in a DC that was the only DC in the Domain (yes i hear you 1 DC = no DC ) and i encounter the following errors on the server:

 DC error 4007 DC error 4015 DC error 6702

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Lab Manager, CAG and Firewall the challenge

Lab manager is a product that is not been made for a WAN connection and the security that you want for safety. But it can work. Don get me wrong. Yes the connection of lab manager is secure because it is over port 443. Is it? 

For internal use we have build a playground for testing new products and to use for demo’s. But as small as it is (2 ESX hosts) we like it to be secure and be able to use it at a customer site ( for the demo part ). And when you work at a company where most of the employees adore Citrix product the choice of a Citrix Access Gateway (CAG) was  easily made. So the setup for the environment in it simplistic form is looking like the drawing below


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Scripted install ESXi 4.1 (partition size)

I am building a scripted installation for a customer. The last time i did this it was for ESX4.0 and i have never done a scripted install with the ESXi implementation until now. When I made a scripted install for ESX i always customize the partitions for the installation like this in the KS.CFG file:

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VMware vSphere ESXi 4.1 Stops During Instalation Booting: MBI-0x00010128, entry=0x0040024a

My vSphere ESXi 4.1 stopped during booting form the ISO file  :   Booting: MBI-0x00010128, entry=0x0040024a.  I had made a ISO with a custom KS.CFG file for scripted installation.


I havened seen this message before but i did some digging and found out the the ISO file was corrupted. I build a new one and it the problem was gone.

This error looks very simulate to Booting: MBI=0x00100d8, entry=0x00100212 this error indicates that the hardware you are trying to use is not on the HCL list of VMware