Imprivata’s Blue Screen of Death?

A while back we had strange incident occurring on a couple hundred of Windows Embedded systems build into Computer on Wheels (COWS). In this case the machine would boot up and where it normally should show the Imprivata login screen it now didn’t show anything at all!

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Policy issues after Imprivata appliance upgrade


Recently I have performed an upgrade of an Imprivata environment at a customer site. At this customer (a hospital) Imprivata is used as a alternative for entering a username and password. This makes it for the user possible to roam there session by swiping an proximity card over a card reader  that is attached to every computer at the hospital.

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Shutdown option on the logonscreen with Imprivata Onesign

imageI logged remotely to a server with RDP and I noticed that  I had options to restart or shutdown that server. This means we can shutdown or restart a server without physical access and without authentication:

Windows Server 2003 Logon Screen | Imprivata | Shutdown | REstart

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