Install Citrix APPDNA with QuickDB on a non-system drive

Author: Ingmar Verheij

There are two installers available for Citrix AppDNA (former App-DNA Apptitude). Depending on how big of a download you want to obtain and distribute internally, you can choose any of those two. Both installers will result in the same product:

  • AppDNA Enterprise Edition [288MB]
  • AppDNA Enterprise Edition with Quick DB Install [659MB]

The main difference between the two installers is that the ‘with Quick DB install’ includes a database dump of OS images, where you otherwise would have to download and import the OS images manually (which will take around 2 hours).

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Veeam search failed to make a test crawl

When you are installing Veeam search server according to Veeam Backup & replication 5.0 page 41 it says use a administrator account. When you are preparing for file browsing and advanced searching (page 165) you will add the search server to the Veeam Back-up Enterprise Manager. You can get this error while going trough the wizard. 


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VEEAM installation rights during Veeam Enterprise manager installation

When installing (reinstalling) Veeam Enterprise manager after installing Veeam back-up enterprise on the same system and connected to the same database system i got this error: Veeam Backup datatbase found on <servername> SQL server instance but is not accessible.


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VMFS permission Access denied and VM’s are running.

In a upgrade process form ESX 4.0 to ESXi 4.1 we reinstalled a Blade servers(BL 460c G6) by script. In our update process steps there is a step Un-present all LUN that are presented to the related host. This is done to be sure that the installation will not install on a LUN that is presented. And here is where the human factor kicked in we forgot 1 LUN the was presented to the host. This was a LUN that was presented form the Test and Development  environment and this was temporally but not temporally  enough 🙁 So when running the installation script he saw that LUN (CLUN002)  as the first disk and in the script it says install on first disk See this article. In the beginning we did noticed that the installation failed but with a adjustment of the script it worked. And all Virtual machine just keep running. The next morning all look well until some of the virtual machine went for a planed reboot and did not come up any more. At this point we know we had a storage issue because the rebooted virtual Machines gave a Orphaned error. Some machine where not rebooted and could not be accessed though the vCenter Console option but could be accessed through RDP and where alive and well.

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Scripted install ESXi 4.1 (partition size)

I am building a scripted installation for a customer. The last time i did this it was for ESX4.0 and i have never done a scripted install with the ESXi implementation until now. When I made a scripted install for ESX i always customize the partitions for the installation like this in the KS.CFG file:

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When receiving the following error while installing Windows Vista or 7: 0x80070017
Just burn your DVD at a lower speed (4x).

Daniel Nikolic

SQL : Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been created..

During the setup of a SQL Server 2008 (R2) I got the following error:

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