Office 2016 on Windows 7, 10 or Windows 2012 and 2016 – No Internet connection to sign-in users to Office 365

We had a strange issue on our hosted environment on Azure with Windows 7, 10, Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 2016 RDS / Citrix servers. Users could not sign in to Office Pro with their Office 365 user credentials, to a batch of newly installed servers. They received the message when they start any of the Office applications (in the screenshots below I use Word):

We are unable to connect right now. Please check your network and try again later.


We are unable to connect right now - Office 2016The next message users receive is:

UNLICENSED PRODUCT Most features are turned off because a shared computer license isn’t available.

Unlicensed product - Office 2016

As the message states: most features are turned off 🙂

Shared Computer Licensing on RDS

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The Case of the missing CC field in Microsoft Outlook (2013)

Last week I had to troubleshoot an incident at a customer regarding a missing CC field in emails recovered from a Barracuda Message Archiver.

The case was as follows.
When an email recovered from Barracuda was opened, the CC field was not visible.
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Create a web 301 redirect service with Microsoft Azure Functions

I ran into a nice issue, and I suppose more people could run into the same issue. Lets first start with laying out the issue:

  • We are moving to a new web solution where only one domain ( is supported unless you move all of the domains to the new web provider (which costs us 15% per domain extra).
  • The new web solution provider does not support htaccess or 301 redirects from other domains (as an example then the root domain (
  • Our DNS provider can do a lot but they cannot add URL redirections or Aliases.
  • We don’t have a spare web server somewhere where we can add an htaccess file and I’m sure not want to pay for it 🙂
  • There are “free” services on the web which allows you to redirect your domains to the root domain, but these free services will display adds or you need to add a link to the redirect service.

Ok, you can have your remarks on above point, but hey that’s just the way it is 🙂

You can read more about 301 redirects and what it means in this article.

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Reset Root Password of your Synology through PowerShell SSH (Without Putty)

Recently I had to reset my Root account password on my Synology DS214Play.
I had set the password when I first got the Synology, and of course I forgot it.

Resetting the account is no problem as there is a clear manual available on the Synology forums.
However I wanted to do this trough PowerShell.

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Windows 10 Creators Update causes CHKDSK every startup

Since installing the Windows 10 Creators Update my computer has been asking to do a CHKDSK at every boot up. Although even letting it complete the countdown it never actually starts doing the check.
Instead it starts another countdown which results the same, it cancels ar
ound 3/5 seconds and continues to boot to Windows 10.

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SCCM set a custom variable dependency using Powershell or Vbs

When you are a frequent user of SCCM, sooner or later you will want a custom variable on which u can set a dependency for jobs further on in the task sequence.

After searching online for a while and not finding a satisfying answer I decided to create a short how-to.

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Imprivata’s Blue Screen of Death?

A while back we had strange incident occurring on a couple hundred of Windows Embedded systems build into Computer on Wheels (COWS). In this case the machine would boot up and where it normally should show the Imprivata login screen it now didn’t show anything at all!

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Using special characters in Microsoft Deployment Tool (model name)

Currently we are working at a customer to set up a new environment.
To make this as easy as possible we are using the Microsoft Deployment Tool (MDT)

This will make it very easy to install computers with a new OS and the correct drivers.

However when the targeted computer uses the special characters like “/” in the WMI hostname, MDT runs into problems as the MDT workbench doesn’t allow special characters like “/”

The specified new name must not contain special characters

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Microsoft App-V 5.0 SP1 Sequencer error while saving package

For a customer we’re creating a Windows 7 environment, using App-V 5.0 SP1 for application virtualization. We installed an English Windows with a Dutch MUI pack. All client types are installed unattended, including the App-V sequencer. We experienced a problem with the App-V sequencer which was caused by the MUI language pack.


After the installation of the new sequencer everything seemed to work fine. That is until I made the first package on the machine. The moment I clicked Save, an error popped up saying that the MSI couldn’t be generated. Read more