Windows 8.1 “No terminal server license servers available”

After a couple days of using Windows 8.1 I suddenly got an error when connecting with Citrix or a normal remote desktop session. Both the applications gave the error that there were no terminal server license servers available, which prevented me from connecting.

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Remote Desktop with 1366×768 resolution

Since I got my new laptop (XPS 14z) I’ve been running into the following annoying problem.
When I minimalize my full screen remote desktop session it’s not possible to maximize it back again.It would maximize to a window size smaller than my monitor so I have to scroll to see everything from my session. Especially when you got multiple sessions and quickly want to check some things on your local computer this can be really annoying.
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Remote desktop to XenServer VM via PowerShell

Recently I wrote a PowerShell script that connects to the console of a virtual machine on a Citrix XenServer, without using XenCenter or the Web Self Service portal. This allowed me to offer a published application to my users so they can connect to the console session. But what if they want to connect via a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP)?

I’ve written a PowerShell script that looks up the IP address of the VM and connects via RDP.

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Allow desktop session with XenApp 6

If a user tries to login to a desktop (ICA or RDP) the following error is displayed:
"The desktop you are tying to open is currently unavailable. Contact your administrator to confirm that the correct settings are in place for you client connection."

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DeNamiK LoadGen 2.1 is released!

DeNamiK is proud to present the DeNamiK LoadGen 2.1. With the DeNamiK LoadGen it’s possible to perform the following actions:

  • Load test
  • Stress test
  • Performance test
  • Constant monitoring
  • Benchmark
  • Reporting

With the DeNamiK LoadGen 2.1 there are lots of new features and improvements. Let’s name just a few:

  • ICA File support
  • Performance Counter module 2.0
  • Internal processes are optimized

The DeNamiK User Action Framework for XenApp has been updated:

  • More DUAF functions which will help you create more reliable scripts
  • Status updates possible from the LoadBots to the Director and to the reports
  • XML reports available

Also one of the best changes: the LoadGen moved from .Net Framework 1.1 to:

  • DeNamiK LoadGen Director: .Net Framework 3.5
  • DeNamiK LoadBots: .Net Framework 2.0

Read the whole article on the website of DeNamiK!

Daniel Nikolic

Disable Clipboard on a Remote Desktop Connection

When programming or scripting the Remote Desktop Connection, it’s advisable to disable the Clipboard. You can either disable the clipboard on the workstation via the registry, edit the RDP file or or call an undocumented property in the ActiveX component.

Registry (all of the RDP connections)

HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftTerminal Server Client

DisableClipboardRedirection – REG_DWORD – 1

RDP file


ActiveX component

RDPObject.AdvancedSettings2.RedirectClipboard = False

Daniel Nikolic

All of the properties, functions and events in the ActiveX component:

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Traag RDP verkeer met Windows 7

In het eerste lange weekend van het jaar heb ik eindelijk besloten mijn laptop opnieuw te instaleren. Dit is voor een IT’er een exercitie die je één keer per 1-2 jaar uitvoert.
Om bij te blijven in mijn vak is het dan ook handig om gelijk de laatste versie van Windows te instaleren. Op het moment van schrijven is dit dus Windows 7 Professional.

Na de installatie van Windows en applicaties (o.a. Office en Windows Live Writer) en het terug plaatsen van de gebruikers data valt mij gelijk op dat Windows 7 een stuk sneller reageert dan zijn voorganger. Ook de nieuwe look and feel is prettig.

Voor mijn werkzaamheden werk ik veel met RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) connecties naar remote servers, als de rest van Windows 7 al over mijn beeldscherm vliegt dan moet de Remote Desktop Client ook snel zijn.

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