How to Shut down or Restart Windows 8

I installed Windows 8 Customer Preview, after some time I was done clicking around, time to shut down! Then it hit me, no ‘start’ button also means no more Start > Shut down, oh noes!

So.. how to shutdown or restart Windows 8?
– Put your mouse pointer in the upper right corner of your screen and wait for the menu to appear
– click the ‘settings’ icon
– the start menu appears
– click power and click shut down \ restart

how to shutdown or restart windows8

how to shutdown or restart windows8

Damn you C-states! (Unexpected XenServer reboot)

Author : Ingmar Verheij

Processors have the ability to save energy by entering a low-power mode. Each processor has serveral power modes called “C-states”. The C-states are introduced with the 486DX4 processor and are still present in the current processors. Over time more C-states are introduced to lower the power consumption and save energy.

Hypervisors (used to virtualize desktops or servers) like Citrix XenServers or Microsoft Hyper-V can have issues with  C-states causing them to freeze, BSOD or slow down. This happens when C-state 3 “Sleep” or higher is enabled the BIOS.

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