RES One Automation PowerShell Module

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When you’re a system administrator and a PowerShell enthusiast a single solution to a problem can result in something big and elaborate. A while ago I was implementing a MDT environment for a customer. I wanted to fill the MDT database with all existing client computers. For that I needed all the clients names and their MAC addresses. Client names weren’t the issue but MAC addresses were a little bit more challenging. I decided to turn to RES One Automation (RES AM) for help. I knew RES AM has the ability to identify agents by their MAC address so it has to store all agent MAC addresses in the datastore. After figuring out how to pry this information from the database I started to wonder what else I could find in there. This resulted in a complete PowerShell module (my first!) for RES One Automation!  Read more

RES Automation Manager – User leaving the company

imageIn my previous blog post I wrote about creating an RES Automation Job to make sure that when a user is leaving the company his account is disabled, it is moved to a isolated OU and the membership for a certain AD group is deleted.
This last step is important because every user in this group consumes a very expensive license. In this article I will describe how this module is created an what the different components achieve.

I am using module parameters, that makes it reusable. This module contains three tasks.

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