SCOM 2012 Reporting Server installation crash

During the installation of a SCOM2012 reporting server the installation unexpectedly stops working with an error message “System Center Operations Manager Setup has stopped working”. This repeatedly happened after the data reader account was entered.

Data Reader accountSystem Center Operations Manager Setup has stopped working

The log files in %LocalAppData%\SCOM\Logs did not give any information about why the installation ended, neither did the event viewer. All prerequisites where met and common workarounds like reboots and using a dedicated SQL server for the reporting database did not solve the problem.

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OpsMgr: Remove management pack depending on “Default Management Pack”

Author: Ingmar Verheij

When you try to remove a (sealed) management pack from System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) you get the following error:

Following Management Packs depend on the Managemend Pack you are trying to delete

This is caused by an override that is targeted on the management pack you want to delete (for instance Citrix Library) and is stored in the Default Management Pack, which is NOT a best-practice. Even after deleting all overrides from the DMP the message does not disappear.

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OpsMgr: Enable Agent Proxy via Management Pack

Author : Ingmar Verheij

System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) agents are by default allowed to only return data from the same source. If the agent needs to submit data from another source, for instance in a cluster, the security feature ‘Agent Proxy’ needs to be enabled. By default this feature is disabled.

If you create (or import) a management pack that relies on this feature, for example when the management pack submits data from another source, you might want automate this.

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OpsMgr: Choose source table based on date range

Author: Ingmar Verheij

When creating a report in System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) showing performance data you’ll need to make a decision about the data you’re going to show. Will you use raw data (Perf.vPerfRaw), hourly aggregated data (Perf.vPerfHourly) or daily aggregated data (Perf.vPerfDaily).

Query_thumb2Do you want to show detailed information or for a longer period? The most detail can be achieved with the data stored in Perf.vPerfRaw but this comes at a cost, the time to query the database and render the report increases massive. So if you want to show data for a longer period (like over a week) you’ll probably better use the data stored in Perf.vPerfDaily.

But what if you want the user the ability to change the date range? If the user specifies a small range (for instance a day) you want high detail, but when the range is increased (for instance a month) less detail is required.

Unfortunately the reports created in the Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) does not allow you to create a conditional SQL statement. So in order to achieve this, a stored procedure needs to be created.

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OpsMgr: Where’s my management pack?

Author: Ingmar Verheij

After importing a management pack in System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) it might take a while until it is visible in the Operations Console. When developing a management pack (and especially when creating reports) this is frustrating since there are numerous reasons why the management pack isn’t working as expected.

A common reason why the management pack (and the associated reports) aren’t showed in the Operations Console is because the management packs are queued awaiting synchronization.

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OpsMgr: Prevent warning event 21405

Author : Ingmar Verheij

A System Center Operation Manager (SCOM or OpsMgr) management pack might cause warning event with ID 21405. This event is raised when a script is run without returning any data.


Log Name:      Operations Manager
Source:        Health Service Modules Date:          16-3-2012 16:14:26
Event ID:      21405
Task Category: None
Level:         Warning
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
The process started at 16:14:26 failed to create System.PropertyBagData, no errors detected in the output.  The process exited with 0

A script is run to discover objects or to query data (to collect data – a rule – or to monitor and object – a monitor) and should return this data to the MOM.ScriptAPI object so it can be processed. If a script is run without returning data OpsMgr suspects an issue. A script might not return data because of antivirus, DEP or by design. If you design a management pack, continue reading.

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No data collected from HP EVA

Author : Ingmar Verheij

16 MegaBytes Hard DiskRecently I wrote a management pack to retrieve capacity data from a HP Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) in System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). Recently I found out that no data is collected.

Execution of the Python script resulted in the following error:

c:\Python26\python.exe "C:\Python26\Temp\" -s bsma001.xxxx.local --port 5988 -u SVC_SCOM_AA -p xxxxxxxx -f "C:\Python26\Temp" -c HPEVA_StorageSystem,HPEVA_StoragePool

Connection string: http://bsma001.xxxx.local:5988 Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Python26\Temp\", line 90, in
    instanceNames = conn.EnumerateInstanceNames( className)
  File "c:\Python26\lib\site-packages\pywbem\", line 382, in EnumerateInstanceNames
  File "c:\Python26\lib\site-packages\pywbem\", line 173, in imethodcall
    raise CIMError(0, str(arg))
pywbem.cim_operations.CIMError: (0, 'Socket error: [Errno 10061] No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it')

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Failed heartbeat unnoticed in Distributed Application

Author : Ingmar Verheij

Server down

System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) monitors the health of systems with an agent. One of the most basic checks that is executed is a health check of the agent itself. One of the checks is a heartbeat between the agent and the RMS (Root Management Server). If the heartbeat is lost for three times (configurable), the agent is considered unavailable.Health Service Heartbeat Failure

An alert is generated and (if configured) a notification is send to inform the administrator that there is a problem.

But if a Distributed Application is configured to monitor a chain of components, this failure remains unnoticed.

Node state 'Healthy'

Nodes that are unmonitored are grey and appear to be ‘Healthy’, which is strange for a node who’s heartbeat haven’t reported for quite some time.

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SCOM : Configure notification for distributed applications

Events generated by System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), like alerts and warnings, usually indicate (upcoming) problems. Notifiying you’re system administrators enables you to troubleshoot te problem as quickly as possible.

For a customer I’ve configured multiple distributed applications. Each distributed application defines a critical application that needs to be monitored. All distributed applications are displayed on a monitor showing the state of the distributed application.

When an event is triggered, for instance because the service is down, a notification needs to be sent. Not only to the system adminstrators, who administer the infrastructure, but also to the technical and functional application operator.

Active Directory groups are used to make the membership of the managable, since role based access control (RBAC) is used.

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Maintenance mode report in SCOM (fixed)

Object, like computers, in System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) can be placed in a maintenance mode. While the object is in maintenance mode no alerts will be generated, as expected.

I wanted to see which objects have been placed in maintenance mode, unfortunately there is no default report supplied by Microsoft.

Fortunately Alain Côte wrote a report, along with a stored procedure, which enables me the insights requested. The management pack, containing the report and stored procedure, can be downloaded here: Maintenance Mode History Report Management Pack

There is one instruction missing in the documentation, additional permissions are required to run the stored procedure required by the report. Without the permissions the following error is displayed:

Query execution failed for data set 'OperationsManagerDW'

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