Capture multiple images using one MDT task sequence

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If you deploy images in your environment that are very similar, meaning one has a few more applications installed than the other, then this is the blogpost for you! In this blogpost I’m going to share a script with you that will allow you to capture multiple images in one WIM file using only one MDT task sequence. Sound good? Let’s get cracking!  Read more

Sysprep Issues with customization specification

I thought this was a very known issue but assumptions are the mother of all …. So here some (old news). When deploying a virtual machine from a template within vCenter while using customization specification and within the customization specification it indicates that the system should be placed in a particular domain. Sysprep will try but is not able to do this.

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Tips for using SysPrep with Altiris

Altiris has built in support for Sysprep when creating or distributing images.

The documentation doesn’t mention some things that are worth knowing so I will try to address them in this post.

Sysprep support can be added to Altiris during the install where it will ask you for the Sysprep install files ( per selected OS.

If you didn’t add Sysprep during install you can copy to one of subfolders in the Sysprep folder. Eg for 32 bit Windows 2003 goes to Sysprep\DotNet\x86:


As I wrote earlier in this post it’s very important to use the correct Sysprep version as each OS has it’s own version.

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Windows could not finish configuring the system… Sysprep fail

An annoying error this morning. After prepping a laptop, running sysprep with the audit mode the following error occurres:

Windows could not finish configuring the system. To attempt to resume configuration, restart the computer.
The error could be fixed with hotfix well how do we get it on the laptop:
  1. When the error: Windows could not finish configuring the system. To attempt to resume configuration, restart the computer. Press SHIFT – F10. Don’t press OK.
  2. At this point you can do basicly anything
  3. My advice is to start services.msc and start all of the services which are marked: Automatic
  4. Start compmgmt.msc, enable the administrator user, or create an extra user with administrator rights
  5. Start explorer.exe
  6. You can now Switch the user
  7. Log in with the admin user and start the hotfix

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