Windows 8.1: Disable help tips (orange arrows)

It’s pretty annoying if you have a fresh Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 installation installed on your computer, and you get those orange help tip arrows on the side of your screen and you can’t get rid of them.
Microsoft has enabled the tablet help tips by default, and you simply can’t remove them using your mouse.

To help you with this, you can use one of the following solutions to disable these help tips.

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Windows 8.1 “No terminal server license servers available”

After a couple days of using Windows 8.1 I suddenly got an error when connecting with Citrix or a normal remote desktop session. Both the applications gave the error that there were no terminal server license servers available, which prevented me from connecting.

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Shortcuts in Windows 8

Everybody knows some shortcuts in Windows, like CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy and paste. Some people also know shortcuts regarding the windows shell, like Windowskey+E to open the explorer and CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to open the taskmanager. Many of this shortcuts stay the same in every version of Windows and sometime new shortcuts are added.

With the introduction of Windows 8, Microsoft also introduced some new shortcuts and in my opinion essential to know when want to work with Windows 8 in corporate environment. My personal favorite is Windowskey+X.

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CRM 2011 – Outlook plugin: Cannot connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM server because we cannot authenticate your credentials

Author: Daniel Nikolic

When installing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 plugin for Outlook on a Windows 8 machine it’s possible that you receive error:

“Cannot connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM server because we cannot authenticate your credentials. Check your connection or contact your administrator for more help.”

In the logfile ‘C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\MSCRM\Logs\Crm50ClientConfig.log’ we see the following error message:

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Windows 8 comes with free hardware/software inventory tool

imageYesterday I wrote about the Windows 8 CP WebSetup installer and told you that the Application Compatibility check creates a few XML files in the folder %AppData%\Local\Microsoft\WebSetup\Panther.

So what can we do with them?

The XML files are created by a separate exe in the WebsetupExpanded folder called WicaInventory.exe with the arguments: /apps /fast /ext “exe,sys” /output <XML file> /log <LOG file>

In my case the commandline was:

WicaInventory.exe /apps /fast /ext "exe,sys" /output "C:\Users\rweijnen\AppData\Local\Microsof\WebSetup\Panther\WICA_Programs_REMKOLAPTOP.xml" /log "C:\Users\rweijnen\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WebSetup\Panther" "c:\Users\rweijnen\AppData\Local\Temp\1fd52b5b-2609-4156-ac02-49dca27a0a8d\WebSetupExpanded"

Let’s see what’s in WICA_Programs_REMKOLAPTOP.xml.


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How to Shut down or Restart Windows 8

I installed Windows 8 Customer Preview, after some time I was done clicking around, time to shut down! Then it hit me, no ‘start’ button also means no more Start > Shut down, oh noes!

So.. how to shutdown or restart Windows 8?
– Put your mouse pointer in the upper right corner of your screen and wait for the menu to appear
– click the ‘settings’ icon
– the start menu appears
– click power and click shut down \ restart

how to shutdown or restart windows8

how to shutdown or restart windows8

Microsoft product life cycles / Windows 8 & Server 2012

A former Microsoft developer, Chris Green, “accidently” published a PDF which shows the product life cycles of the Microsoft products. Altough its a draft document from a unverified source, it’s still interesting to get some insights in the product life cycles of the product range.
Two of the most interesting items in the list are the products “Windows 8” and “Windows Server 2012” which are scheduled for july 2011 and july 2012. Besides the Windows platform there are more interesting product releases scheduled, like Office 2012 (july 2012), SQL 2011 (july 2011), Sharepoint 2013 (july 2013), Exchange 2013 (july 2013), etc. etc.

Microsoft Roadmap DRAFT

Please keep in mind that the source is unverified and there are questionmarks in the document. You can you use the document as a first reference in your roadmap planning, not as a reliable source 😉

Source :

Ingmar Verheij