Smartcard not working on Windows CE 6 thin client (Citrix XenApp 5)

Begin this year a customer asked me to solve his problems with smartcards (UZI-pas) on Windows CE6-based thin clients. The problem was, in short, that after removing the smartcard it was unrecognized.


As a bonus, when a user was authenticated using a certificate on the smartcard, an eject and reinsert was simulated causing the problem to raise instantly. Since the customer has over 2000 thin clients, this is a major issue.

During some investigations I found out that the problem did not occur with the Win32 client, only with the CE6 client. So one solution could be to replace all thin client  with a Windows Embedded version since this is a Win32 platform. As you can imagine, no customer is happy to hear this as a “solution”.

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