Changing the date on a XenServer

I’ve installed Citrix XenServer 5.6 FP1 on a old server for testing. After booting the server after some down time I’ve received a message in the console that the system time and date have been chanced.

To troubleshoot this issue I’ve logged on in the Local Command Shell. I’ve entered the commando ‘date’, the response is:

Sat Feb 18 20:37:34 2006

To change the date you have to use the following input mask:


To enter the current date and time this would look like this:

date 040622012011.00

Now to sync the new set time with the hardware clock on the server:

hwclock –systohc

Do we need 'fancy' features for VDI?

Everyone knows that more and more people are thinking about VDI, or at least they’re talking about VDI. And most of these people don’t really know what they’re talking about, what they really want and what they need. There are more usecases, solutions, alternatives which might be better for most of them.
In this article i’m talking about ‘hosted virtual desktops’, the way most people see VDI. The desktop is a virtual machine running on a hypervisor in the datacenter.

Yesterday I attended a presentation where VMware was talking about VMware View, there product for VDI implementations. In this presentation one of the key-features of VMware View was there ESX plaform, and all the ‘fancy’ features this hypervisor has. And with ‘fancy’ features I mean features like VMotion, High Availability, DRS and Fault Tolerance.
These are all great features and very usefull, in enterprise environments, for servers. In smaller environments these features aren’t necessary or even needed. In fact, in most enterprise environments not all features are really required, there used because “we can”.
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